Fabric Armchair

Fabric armchairs offer additional luxurious seating within your home while also introducing a refreshed sense of style. Their ability to blend with the decor you already have makes them a versatile choice of furniture when you're looking to add more seating or personality to a room.

The Modern offers an extensive range of contemporary fabric armchairs in Australia that blend comfort and style, ensuring that you're able to find one that meets your preferences and seamlessly melds with the furniture in your home.

🛋️ What are the available designs, materials and styles?

There are numerous styles available, but all options fall under the umbrella style of contemporary fabric armchairs. The various sub-styles differ mostly according to size and design. Some, such as Map armchairs, offer greater width and recline to create a focus on relaxed seating. Others, such as Narvik armchairs, have a low profile and more conservative dimensions to make for cosier seating. Kurva lounge chairs enhance the variety of styles with their included ottomans to maximise comfort.

While all the fabric armchairs are predominantly polyester, some feature top-grain leather that adds to both the look of the chairs and their durability. These leathers have a unique appeal, and as the surface ages, it develops a vintage character that's one of a kind. Hardwood is a popular material among these modern fabric armchairs, as are upholstery, high-density foam and feathers. Some options have frames built from solid oak, walnut, elm and birch with natural oils, and some are combined with polyester fabric.

Browse our extensive colour selection to find the fabrics that best complement your existing design scheme. Options include ebony, shoreline, black, blue and midnight. Where the armchair upholstery fabric is seconded by leather, different colour combinations are available.

🛋️ Where can I find The Modern showrooms?

The Modern has showrooms in four locations in Australia, all with contemporary fabric armchairs. Two of the showrooms are in Queensland, Brisbane Sofa Store and Toowong Sofa Store. A third, Bowral Sofa Store, can be found in New South Wales. Lastly, you can visit Melbourne Sofa Store in Victoria.

After taking your pick of the fabric armchairs for sale in one of the showrooms, you can have it delivered to your home anywhere in Australia. Once your order is placed, your wood and fabric armchair is dispatched within seven days. It typically takes either three or four days for it to reach a capital city.

If the furniture is out of stock at the time of order, the lead times can be 16 to 20 weeks, depending on the supplier. We can provide a more detailed overview of shipping when you can contact us.

🛋️ What maintenance is required for modern fabric armchairs?

The upholstery fabric is easy to maintain, though you can look through our blog for tips on how to keep it in the best possible shape. A long-term solution for keeping your fabric armchairs in good condition is to have them micro sealed, which gives them additional protection against dust, stains, body oils and UV fading.

It also helps to keep your contemporary fabric armchair out of sunlight, as well as free from contact with fluids. Doing so ensures that the lounge chair fabric maintains its colour longer. You can also vacuum it regularly and treat stains before they dry with a sponge and warm water. Harsh cleaners are not advised.