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Marimekko Vuosirenkat Cushion Cover

Marimekko Vuosirenkat Cushion Cover
Size: 40 x 60cm

PATTERN:  Vuosirenkaat

DESIGNER:  Tytti Laitakari

FABRIC:  65% Cotton, 35% Linen

COLOUR:  Pink, Beige, Green

DIMENSIONS:  60 x 40cm

CARE:  Machine Wash 40oC or follow instructions given.

Made from a blend of cotton and linen, this cushion cover features the Vuosirenkaat pattern, which is printed in Helsinki. The cover has a concealed zipper on one side.

Marimekko cushion covers are sewn using the whole width of the fabric, and therefore their appearance may vary slightly. Each item is unique.

When ideating the Vuosirenkaat (annual rings) print, Tytti Laitakari thought about striped animal coat patterns as well as the architectural shapes found in Morocco. While she was sketching the design, shapes resembling tree rings began to appear in the pattern – representing the eventful years of Marimekko celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2021.