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Marimekko Taite Cushion Cover

Marimekko Taite Cushion Cover
Size: 50 x 50cm


DESIGNER:  Fujiwo Ishimoto

FABRIC:  55% Cotton, 45% Pure Hemp

COLOUR:  Dark Blue, White

DIMENSIONS:  50 x 50cm

CARE:  Machine Wash 60oC or follow instructions given

The Taite pattern cushion cover is made of a cotton and hemp blend. The cover has a zipper on one side.

Hemp is a durable fibre that requires less water, fertilizers, and pesticides to grow than cotton.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Fujiwo Ishimoto was inspired by patterns created by tie-dyeing. The large-checked Taite (fold) is one of his subtle interpretations of this intriguing theme.