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Marimekko Musta Tamma Mug

Marimekko Musta Tamma Mug
Size: 2.5dl

PATTERN:  Musta Tamma

DESIGNER:  Maija Isola

MATERIAL:  100% Stoneware

COLOUR:  White, Brown, Beige

DIMENSIONS:  Height 9.5cm, Diameter 8cm

CAPACITY:  250ml

Horsey Lovers beware you are going to be obsessed with this fabulous, iconic collection from Marimekko!

The Musta Tamma (Black Mare) pattern was created by Maija Isola in 1954.  The pattern reflects Maija Isola’s recollections of her childhood, when she often imagined that she was running free in the woods together with a big herd of horses.