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Marimekko MM Co-Created Blanket

Marimekko MM Co-Created Blanket
Size: 130 x 170cm

PATTERN:  Unikko

FABRIC:  30% Cotton, 30% Recycled Cotton, 25% Wool, 15% Polyamide

COLOUR:  Green, White

DIMENSIONS:  130 x 170cm

CARE:  Do not soak, bleach or tumble dry.  Dry Clean with care.  Follow instructions.

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Marimekko's art of print making, you creatives were invited to reinterpret some of their most iconic designs.  The co-created pre-fall 2021 collection was designed by Wataru Tominaga.

The Marimekko Co-Created pattern decorates this wool blend blanket made with a jacquard knit. The blanket has a soft combed surface with fringes at the ends.

25% of the sheep’s wool and 30% of the cotton used in this product is recycled.