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Marimekko Kaukokaipuu Bag

Marimekko Kaukokaipuu Bag
Colour: Green/Red/Off White

PATTERN:  Kaukikaipuu

DESIGNER:  Maija Louekari

FABRIC:  100% Cotton

COLOUR:  Green, Red, Violet, Off White

DIMENSIONS:  43 x44cm

CARE:  Machine Wash 60oC or follow instructions given

This helpful cotton bag is easy to tuck into another bag and have it always with you. Decorated with the Kaukokaipuu pattern in green, violet and red.

The Afro-inspired flowers in the lush Kaukokaipuu (longing for faraway places) pattern are guaranteed to provide comfort, when the dark and cold northern winter makes you yearn to be somewhere far, far away where the sun warms your cheeks and the smell of flowers wafts in a soft breeze.