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Marimekko Elakoon Elama Platter

Marimekko Elakoon Elama Platter
Size: 32cm

PRINT:  Elakoon Elama

DESIGNER:  Maija Louekari

COLOUR: White, Green

MATERIAL:  100% White Stoneware

SIZE: 32cm

CARE:  Dishwasher, Oven, Freezer, Microwave Safe


A wonderful new platter to have on hand at your next dinner party, the Marimekko Elakoon Elama Platter 32cm. Featuring a single large green flower placement design, this platter is part of the new Elakoon Elama Range from designer Maija Louekari. Made from a strong and durable white stoneware, you can use this platter over and over again while still retaining its fabulous design. Be sure to mix and match the range with other items from the Marimekko tableware range.